Protect Your Family

Life insurance can be used for a variety of reasons that many people are unaware of. Life insurance includes Term, Whole Life, Universal Life and Fixed Index Universal Life.

Most people know life insurance to financially protect their family if he/she passes away unexpectedly. It can also be used for estate planning, retirement income and college funding.

For example: I pay a monthly or annual premium into a life insurance policy, and if I pass away, my beneficiary will receive a nice death benefit. OR you pay the same premium and use the life insurance for living benefits! This means you receive benefits from the policy not just when you die, but while you are alive & well.

Some of the living benefits of a life insurance policy include building a cash value account, making high interest on your money without taking a hit by the market, and providing a tax-free retirement income stream for the rest of your life. Term, Whole Life, Universal Life and Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance are all used for different purposes - it’s important to have the correct life insurance policy in place based on your wants and needs.